Thursday, February 11, 2010


I totally fall in love with Dolce &Gabbana's 2010 Campaign with Madonna. She made her statement again with this old Italian movie inspired shoots.

She definitely rocks...

Sicilian lace has always been an inspiration for the designer duo. And this campaign truly reflects their devotion to their roots.

Here are some runway looks from Dolce & Gabbana's 2010 show

and previous seasons...

Monday, February 8, 2010


We were in İstanbul this weekend.As MT and my father-in-law was working on the renovation of our tiny old roof top house, I was wandering around the narrow streets of Galata discovering some small boutiques, cafes and galleries that were in my list. My original plan was, first visiting the "Young Designers-2" show at İstanbul Fashion Week, but I have decided to skip thatpart due to limited time.

After breakfast I have directly gone to the Galata Tower and started my tour from La Mariquita. It is a cozy, small boutique selling products from Turkish and international designers along with the accessories. My favorite was the plexi brooches by Ayse Deniz. Most of the boutiques were not open till noon, so I have spent some time walking around hoping to discover some new places.

I have then visited Laundromat. Designers Yasemin Özeri and Öykü Thurston are the co-owners. (Some of you may know Yasemin from Galata Moda). You can find Yasemin Özeri's own designs as well as some other designers inside different rooms located in Laundromat.

Then I have turned into the famous street Serdar-ı Ekrem, where you can find Bahar Korçan's boutique, Galata Şarküteri, Lunapark, Doğan Apt and Building. Building is a boutique cafe, where you can find shoes, accessories and clothing from different young Turkish and international designers as well as the famous Greek beauty product Korres. I love this place. You can also give a coffee break at Building's cafe hall while enjoying the colorful objects and magazines surronding you.

But my destination for the break was Galata Şarküteri. It is a small charcuterie with a lovely interior.You can find some home made pastries and different types of organic teas an coffees apart from the cheese and meat products.

I had a
latte break here and continued my tour with Paris Texas, Second Chance, Adem & Havva and Lastik Pabuç.

My last destination around Galata and Tünel was the Milk Gallery. I was hoping to see the toys made by my friends Bengi and Yusuf and luckily the paper toys exhibition was still there.

I was a bit tired but still ambitious to go to Nişantaşı just to feel the atmosphere. I have directly gone to Bread & Butter for some drink and dessert. Interior was really relaxing and nice as well as the cupcakes and brownies. After spending some time here, I have visited a few shops and decided to go back.

On my way to the hotel I was passing by Deniz Palas (İKSV's new location) so I have decided to
stop by in order to see this new location and it's famous shop. Even the building itself is so attractive from the outside. But I was told that the exhibitons were not open till March. So I have visited the shop and the entrance of the buiding for a few shoots and gone to the hotel to get some rest and be prepared for our night at Pera.

And yess I did some shopping at Galata taking advantage of the sales :)