Wednesday, September 28, 2011


These looks had been in my archive for several months. The Fall 2011 collection from J.Crew is amazing, eye-catching, inspirational. Seriously I did not want to waste these looks at the beginning of summer and waited for the perfect weather. Collection is by Marissa Webb and I think she personally has a great style which is also reflected to the collection.

The looks are preppy but with a twist. Layering, mix of jewel tones with neutrals, head to toe tonal looks and great quality. It is not only the pieces by themselves but the styling that makes the difference. My favorites are the flare trench and everything jewel toned from trousers to sweaters :)
Here are my favorite looks from J. Crew Fall 2011. I bet they will be inspirational for you as well ;)


This can be one of my most business look... I don't have a suit not even a pair of classic black trousers. I have lots of lots of jeans and a few jackets and shirts to make my jeans smartcasual ONLY when it is necessary :) I bought this grey sweater from İpekyol, the 3D flowers on the arms are so cute that I could not resist buying.

Network Jeans, İpekyol Sweater,
B62 Vepa Cuff and Givenchy Bag

And yes we are almost there, I mean the weekend :P and I hope the afternoon would be quiet fun as we have the Summer Farewell party at the backyard of our office :) Hope it does not rain...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Istanbul Bienal (Untitled) has started, I have not been to SALT before and there was a list of galleries I would like to visit. And as expected we could only do one of them in one day besides some window-shopping at Nişantaşı.

We have decided to visit SALT. It is an institutiona sponsored by Garanti which is a necessary addition to İstanbul art scene. There are several exhibitions, a roofgarden project, a cafe and the Robinson Crusoe Bookstore.

I usually do not wear vintage pieces but I like this cute vintage-like piece from H&M (my first purchase from the Ankara store)

Monday, September 26, 2011


We were in Istanbul this weekend :) Oh I ♥ istanbul, can't do without it... The day started with a breakfast at Mangerie Bebek... It is a rooftop terrace cafe with stylish interior and nice food, I strongly recommend but preferably not for a weekend breakfast as it would be too crowded.

It was such a summery day perfect for my cute red hearted Melissa shoes :)

Uterque skinnies, Koton gingham shirt,
Zara bag and Melissas


As you may know, she has been in my radar for a long time and she sure was/is one of the stars during Spring 2012 Fashion Week presentations. I love her outfit with high neck bow blouse, baroque necklace, blue pants and the jacket (which reminds me of Pied Mondrian's famous Compositions)

Oh and one small note, it is so cool to NOT to wear your jackets just like her :)

I should make another post dedicated to her Fashion week style :) She sure deserves it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Lazy, this is how I feeld now on this Monday morning. So this song goes to all those lazy people out there just like me :)
We were in İstanbul this weekend had fun but it was tiring as we came back quite late at midnight. Photos wil come soon ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We have been seeing tons of street style, front row, backstage and runway photos lately. I really enjoy them, but I have realized that I like the ones where there is movement... Aren't they beautiful?

All these photos remind me of one beautiful song by Gabrielle from 90s... Guess it will be my song of the day today...

Enjoy :)