Saturday, October 29, 2011


I was in ♥ with the zip pouches last season and bought a Celine like one from America Apparel last summer. And now comes the Valentino studded clutch, it is soo beautiful; simple and elegant and was the star accessory during fashion week...


Not working on a Friday makes a difference. It is really fun to wake up late on a weekday and wander around without thinking that weekend is passing...

Yesterday was public holiday and we spent some time with MT visiting a new Asian Restaurant, doing some shopping and last but not least enjoy our favorite cheesecake in Ankara, at Turta
Cafe . After all it was still Friday and we had 2 more days of weekend a head :)

Zara boucle jacket, American Vintage t shirt, Bershka red pumps, Givenchy bag

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Pencil skirts... They are back and much cooler this time. You can create whatever look you want and they look always so hot :) whether it be a leather skirt or a ripped jean.

luxuryshoppers' authors have been channeling this look perfectly. I love each of their statement skirts; lace, print, sequins ...

However when it comes the pencil skirts, legendary Ms. Roitfeld would definitely lead the scene. How amazing she looks in these skirts.

I have been searching for a statement pencil skirt but could not find one, any suggestions?


The Chevrolet ad with this great song has been running both on TV and radio lately. ZZ Top - La Grance... Oldies but goldies :)

Tomorrow is national holiday so it will be a looong weekend...
Have a nice Friday and a fun weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I love this look of Felicity Jones . She wore a Dolce&Gabanna dress from their Spring 2012 collection, and she seems to be the first one to wear a look from that collection, lucky girl :)

The look is sweet but in the meantime kind of wild with all those leaf prints and loose wavy updo... Her make up is perfect, I like the the pale complexion with smokey eyes and soft lips. I bet we will hear her name a lot this year not only for the stunning red carpet looks but also for her movies.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ethnic prints have gained attention lately especially Navajo and Aztec prints. I have been loving Aztec inspired accessories for a while, it started with my first piece of House of Harlow jewellery and improved with our visit to Mexico this summer :)

And on top of all the Navajo print Isabel Marant jeans at the Fashion week street scene, last week I have seen Oprah's interview with legendary Ralph Lauren at their Double RL Ranch in Rocky Mountains, Colorado. Double RL is sooo beautiful, I love the western inspired decoration. There is the main lodge, guest cabins and even hand painted Tepees all decorated in Western style with lots of ethnic prints, rustic furniture, Navajo blankets plus the classical touch of RL mixed with all of them. Check out Oprah's website for more about Oprah's tour to Double RL.

Isabel Marant Navajo print jeans...

Native Citizen Theme by Shopbop

P.S: All these remind me of our own Anatolian prints, rugs and pillow cases. will make a visit to Kapalı Çarşı during our next Istanbul visit for some hunt :)