Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It blew my mind the first time I saw Vanessa Traina wearing a horned headband from Givenchy haute couture while in Paris during Fashion Week. I am already a fan of Vanessa but this one is different. Not only because she is wearing something that bizzare but also the way she carries it so confidently with her black outfit as if it is something quite usual. I don't know who else can pull out such an odd accessory from the runway and wear it such elegantly.

Then we have seen Eugenie Niarchos wearing a similar headpiece from Givenchy.

I also loved the runway combinations worn with gown like dresses with chunky heels.

Something I should add to my wishlist... I would love to wear it in İstanbul while going out one night :-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Esra reminded me that it is the perfect time to spill out the wishes for 2010. These days I am totally in the mood listening beautiful holiday classics. One of my favorites is the Ally McBeal cover of Santa Baby. And each time listening this song, I find myself making my own wishlist :-)

So here is my list...

Swedese Coat Hanger. A simple yet elegant design. But it is almost impossible to buy one without paying a fortune.

Tivoli Audio Radio. I love Retro, I love Music... They even have affordable alternatives for gifts ;)

Chanel Jade Nail Polish. This has almost become an obsession. Whether it is already outdated or not, I want it. (Karl has already presented other colors during Spring RTW show)

Loewe blouse as seen on Sienna Miller.It is both flirty and elegant. And Loewe is cool. We will hear the brand more often, I believe.

Helmut Newton's giant book Sumo. Would look beautiful in our living room on top of the Philip Starck Stand specially made for the book.

Erdem's flower print dresses for the summer.

A Kitchen Aid Mixer. Not because I will cook with it, but because it looks cool on the kitchen counter : -) And a cow patterned Bialetti Cappuccino Maker.

Last but not least, tickets to Paris Fashion Week (not necessarilly front row :-P )

I won't mention the long list of shoes and bags as they always are and will be in my permanent wishlist....

Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am finally back :-)
Few trips to İstanbul and Amsterdam and moving to our new flat, I could have hardly found time to sleep. But finally we have settled and I am sitting on the coach in our new living room with the pleasure of visiting my favorite blogs and catching up with the stuff I have missed so far :-)

So what is my last obsession? Well it is the vintage wedding rings... I have my reasons to rethink about wedding rings, I have lost my engagament rings, there is still a hope that they are at the lost & found of Atatürk Airport but I do not know when and if I can get them back :-( Anyway during our flight to Amsterdam, the girl sitting in front of me was wearing a beautiful vintage ring which looked like antique. Till then I have been looking for such vintage rings here and there.

And when it comes to vintage rings, Olsens are definitely the Lord of the Rings.