Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am finally back :-)
Few trips to İstanbul and Amsterdam and moving to our new flat, I could have hardly found time to sleep. But finally we have settled and I am sitting on the coach in our new living room with the pleasure of visiting my favorite blogs and catching up with the stuff I have missed so far :-)

So what is my last obsession? Well it is the vintage wedding rings... I have my reasons to rethink about wedding rings, I have lost my engagament rings, there is still a hope that they are at the lost & found of Atatürk Airport but I do not know when and if I can get them back :-( Anyway during our flight to Amsterdam, the girl sitting in front of me was wearing a beautiful vintage ring which looked like antique. Till then I have been looking for such vintage rings here and there.

And when it comes to vintage rings, Olsens are definitely the Lord of the Rings.

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Esra said...

şükür kavuşturana ayol:)
ben de vintage aksesuarlara hastayım.
ancak şu olsen cücelerinden pek hazzetmiyorum,kostüm giymiş kuklalar gibi duruyorlar...