Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have been dreaming of a beautiful white pump since last summer. Although they remind of bridal shoes, they are super cool with all kind of outfit. Seems like my girls like it too :)  I would like to buy a matte leather or suede one for this spring, let’s see if I can find…      

js_CU-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-I-Don_t-Know-How-She-Does-It-QA-press-conference-in-Melbourne-02-1  Sarah-Jessica-Parker-chanel-resort-brian-atwood SJP  

hbz-street-style-Paris-fw13-day3-05-lgn62827PCN_Duff  jennifer_lopez_white_dress_whi




Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I really like these chunky heavy  id bracelets and necklaces by Celine. It has a masculine vibe which attracts me and goes well with almost everything casual to dressy. It is in my wish list for a while but don’t think I can afford one from Celine and it might even be sold out. Although there are some lookalikes nothing compares to it…  Still hoping that something similar will come by one of the high street brands quiet soon :)

 8004 id2

Kim-Kardashian-Celine-ID-bracelet3-280x325 la-modella-mafia-christine-centenera-in-kanye-west-alligator-collar-celine-chain-necklace 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As  most  of you out there, my love with Manolo’s begun during early 2000s with SATC and started to grow inside me till then… I always liked the Manolo Hangisi especially after Mr Big proposed to Carrie with the Blue Hangisi pump at the end of first movie :P OK enough about SATC…

Olivia Palermo has been sporting the very same blue Hangisi lately which was an inspiration to me, Olsen’s also seem to be huge fan too, wearing both black and yellow versions and then Jessica Biel wore it. I was visiting the Manolo Store from time to time and had my eye on those precious beauties and then could not resist buying it even though I don’t know where and when to where it.  Hopefully I can create some occasion in Spring  and then make an outfit post out of it :)


0524-manolo-blahnik-olivia-palermo-pumps_fa 0524-manolo-blahnik-olivia-palermo-hangisi_fa

 in-ashley-s-closet-manolo-blahnik-hangisi-pumps-ashley-olsen-mary-kate-olsen-olsen-twins-news-7b731b3e2b03e932f75c080a00d87f69  0524-manolo-blahnik-olivia-palermo_fa

  2893109865_6c18ec5afd Capture4

 ashley_olsen_manolo_blahnik_hangisi 726199cf

Monday, January 21, 2013


I know it's been a while since my last post but too many things have happened within this time :) I have a newborn son well he is almost 4 months now and I was quiet busy with him during the last few months but as he grows he became more peaceful and calm and I started to return my old routine and create some me time which means more posts will come :)

Other than my son, the major highlight was my summer vacation, I have spent about 3 months in NYC with my brother who lives in Upper West, well it would be one of those unforgettable memories for me. Being in love with the big apple, I had the best time enjoying the city, museums, pop-up shops, vintage stores,cafes and parks. And last but not least I had the chance to experience SS2013 Fashion week with my BFF theverythirstyraindrop :)

Here are a few photos that reminds me of the beautiful NYC and my time ...  And I would love   to give a few tips and tricks to the ones who will visit NYC :)

IMG_9571 IMG_9197 IMG_9207 

IMG_9240 IMG_9242 IMG_9364

Picture 647IMG_9367 IMG_9425

IMG_9490Picture 083Picture 496

Picture 483IMG_9566Picture 598


 IMG_9556   IMG_9235

 Picture 032 Picture 071 

Picture 378 Picture 435