Monday, August 30, 2010


2 important exhibitions in İstanbul I should not miss. Both are taking place at one of my favorite places; İstanbul Modern.

Hüseyin Çağlayan 1994-2010 (15 July-24 October)
The exhibition presents Çağlayan's work from 1994 to 2010 including fashion designs, installations and short films.
Exhibition has already been presented in London and Tokio before İstanbul.

İstanbul Contrast by Dice Kayek (26 August - 19 September)

Dice Kayek's Spring Summer 2010 collection was inspired by İstanbul. It has already been presented in Paris as part of Turkish Cultural Season in France. And now the same collection is presented in İstanbul within the framework of İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.

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Simply beautiful...

Friday, August 27, 2010


Longtime awaited Istanbul Fashion Week (IFW) has started at ITU Taşkışla Campus... I could not make it as the timing was not suitable for me but I am trying to follow it online.

There has been many discussions about if İstanbul can be a fashion capital among Paris, NYC, London or Milan (even Milan is being questoned these days) or if our designers can compete with the world famous names, why are we not that good or why can't we make... I am sure there are many things to be said. But in the end, we all will benefit from these events, Turkish Fashion and Turkey will benefit from these events although we have a long way to go...

Atıl Kutoğlu, Bora Aksu, Arzu Kaprol, Zeynep Tosun, Özgür Masur are a few of the attendees among other talented Turkish designers and brands. I wish HAKAAN could also present his collection. But I guess/hope at least we will be seeing his creations during KOTON show.

This year ELLE and VOGUE Turkey are also supporting the event more closer compared to last years. I wish VOGUE could have managed to use the connections to bring world famous Vogue Editors like Carine or Anna Della Russo or Giovanna to İstanbul. But yeah we have seen Kate Lanphear of Elle US :D (unbeliavable) and Anna Piaggi of Elle Italia.

Here are a few photos from the first few days... More will be coming.

And some beautiful collages inspired by IFW designer's own offices.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


You all know my CHANEL Nail Polish obsession... And it is growing and growing lately with the new shades.
I want it all!...
Well it is not possible practically:/ Maybe I can find some pricey alternatives.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


small, box shaped with flap and a long strap...

The 70s inspired lady bags are the new it bags. Celine's classic box, YSL's The CHYC and Hermes' Constance... They all have been dominating the scene lately.
Compared to what we have been wearing lately, these bags are quite classic and elegant.

I would definitely like to have one this fall:)


An American Girl in Paris...

was the name of the episode in 6th Season... I can feel how excited I was when I first saw Carrie in Paris... She was beautiful, Paris scene was wonderful and clothes were truly amazing...

"I can't be drunk on the plane.I want to arrive stunning and impossibly fresh looking" she said...

Now almost 6 years have passed and lately we have been seeing our new favorites Serena and Blair in Paris with beautiful clothes but totally in a different vibe.... Here you can see now and then....