Monday, January 31, 2011


I am into chunky necklaces with chain details these days. Especially when worn with basic t-shirts and shirts.

But there is one necklace I fell in love with. The Lee Angel necklace worn by Rowan Lewis from the PRP blog. She is photographed by most of famous street style photographers lately, including Tommy Ton and Vanessa Jakman.

And some other beautiful examples...

Friday, January 7, 2011


The knit bags... Well I am sure you have seen many of them till now. Especially at tourist shops. However none of them but the Wayuu Taya bags made me lust for one... I love these bags and they are also for good cause. Check Wayuu Taya for more information. I want one, especially for spring/summer :)

But such knit bags are even stylish in winter. Lately, this YSL knit bag is wandering around blogs. I especially love how French stylist Ondine Azoulay wore it with a similar patterned sweater.

But definitely does not worth the 445$ price tag. This Wayuu bag in similar colors is as beautiful as the YSL.