Friday, January 7, 2011


The knit bags... Well I am sure you have seen many of them till now. Especially at tourist shops. However none of them but the Wayuu Taya bags made me lust for one... I love these bags and they are also for good cause. Check Wayuu Taya for more information. I want one, especially for spring/summer :)

But such knit bags are even stylish in winter. Lately, this YSL knit bag is wandering around blogs. I especially love how French stylist Ondine Azoulay wore it with a similar patterned sweater.

But definitely does not worth the 445$ price tag. This Wayuu bag in similar colors is as beautiful as the YSL.

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Esra said...

ulen bende vardı eskiden böyle bir heybe. hay Allah gel de üzülme şimdi attığına, peh!
bu gidişle iyice çöpçü olmamız işten bile değil..