Friday, December 31, 2010


I think it is the right time to publish my Wishlist for 2011 :)
Again no shoes or bags as they are always in my wishlist...

I want a stylish, quality audio system.
We like listening music or watching movies at home so why not do it in a stylish way with much better sound quality.

I have been following the fashion weeks online the past years and this year I want to see a major one personally, preferably in my favorite city New York, but Paris will be welcomed too :P

Lately I am into bracelets, I would like to own one (or more) from CC Skye.

Dinner@Mikla, well better the tasting menu with matching beverages... Would like to taste what the super chef Mehmet Gürs is to offer...

Neither a diamond ring nor jewellery, all I want as accessory is a Hermes watch. But could not decide yet whether
I want the Cape Cod or Hermes H Hour?

A stylish pair of dumbells... My dumbells have been lying in our living room so why not have something stylish just like the ones by Philippe Starck.

An espresso maker so that I do not have to always go out for a tasty latte. I love the retro ones but they are quite expensive so better an affordable DeLonghi.

Lots of books about fashion, lifestyle, architecture... Glad Assouline opened a shop in Istanbul and I hope their books are affordable.

And last but not least lots of lots of travel :)

I hope you all have your wishes come true in 2011...
Happy new year!!!

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