Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Istanbul Bienal (Untitled) has started, I have not been to SALT before and there was a list of galleries I would like to visit. And as expected we could only do one of them in one day besides some window-shopping at Nişantaşı.

We have decided to visit SALT. It is an institutiona sponsored by Garanti which is a necessary addition to İstanbul art scene. There are several exhibitions, a roofgarden project, a cafe and the Robinson Crusoe Bookstore.

I usually do not wear vintage pieces but I like this cute vintage-like piece from H&M (my first purchase from the Ankara store)


pelin said...

"nerden almis o guzel seyleri anne??" :)))

Fashionista said...

Yağmur sen İstanbul'a gel artık üçümüz gideriz beraber alışverişe :)