Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well this post was supposed to be published last week :) however I could not find time to update the blog during or before vacation.
As I have been counting down to our first holiday of the season in Alaçatı,this is all in my mind lately :)
We will be in Alaçatı for 4 days this week hoping to do surfing as well. I am hoping because I really have some issues with cold water. But at least I will lie on the beach, get some sunshine, enjoy beautiful Alaçatı and food and welcome summer with our friends.

I have always loved the Californian beach/surf look, short shorts, rush guards with messy hair and lots of sun tan. In fact I have bought my B&B salty Surf Spray almost 2 years ago at times when it was not so popular to look like that (like Olsen twins). Lately this spray and similars have been used in Spring/Summer shows (see Michael Kors) to create the beachy look together with bronze powders and pink creamy blushes.

This year Isabel Marant has been an inspiration to me for summer. The collection is not something different or new but brought back the classic beach looks with beautiful colors and combinations. I would love to pack such a luggage for our short vacation.

Zara TRF also had similar pieces this season. I want to buy a pair of pink shorties from Zara to wear with sweaters.

Following Vogue editorial is from last summer (I am still keeping that issue) It is amazing how the Manhattan it girl Serena turned in to a Californian girl. Love it!

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Esra said...

çok alelade geliyor bana bu hatun..tamam güzel giyiniyor da, bunlar hep parayla oluyor. aynı yatırım sana yapılsa yemin ederim daha sofistike görünürsün.ciddiyim