Monday, August 15, 2011


Alaçatı is our favorite place during spring/summertime as you might have noticed from my previous posts :)

We were again in Alaçatı this weekend with our friends, it is usually so crowded in
July and August but we were there especially because of the PWA (windsurf world cup)which took place last week. We had the chance to see several world famous surfers. The wind was strong and it was really fun to watch them racing. Our windsurf ambassador Çağla Kubat was there too. She not only took place in the organization but also raced for Turkey as well as Lena Erdil and several others. It is really nice to see such events taking place in Turkey.

Rowenta was one of the sponsors like Pegasus, and they had beauty stands at the
beach. I had later seen that other (famous!) bloggers were also there to attend Rowenta events but I have not seen them as we went to surfing after seeing the finals.

This time we stayed in Adaçatı Konukevi. It is a small, nice boutique hotel run by 2
lovely sisters. They are also running the beautiful Adaçatı Cafe where we had our breakfasts. The streets around the hotel are full of antique shops, boutiques and stonehouse hotels. As Kemalpaşa street is too crowded these days, we really liked wandering around the hotel and discovering new places in those silent streets.

As we only stayed 2 days, I could not do shopping except a few bracelets but there were much more :) Next time I would like to spend some time in those antique shops and galleries hunting something for our house.

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Esra said...

güzel post..ben de bayramda gideceğim artık şu Alaçatı'ya inşallah, feci iştahımı kabarttın kaç senedir;)