Sunday, September 18, 2011


A good coffee usually makes my day especially a "not so fun Monday" just like today :) Got my latte in my hands while writing this post. It's gonna be all about coffee...

Our lovely guests( @Marangozhane) from Seattle's Espresso Vivace brought the coffee experience into our lives. They were kind enough to bring us freshly roasted dolce coffee beans, 2 of their DVDs about making espresso and latte art and their guide book for Baristas. We were truly inspired by David's passion of his job and how he travelled Italy in search for how to brew perfect cup of coffee.

So we ended up with buying this lovely stylish new toy, the Breville Espresso Machine and a grinder so that we can brew espresso from freshly ground coffee beans. It is really fun to drink self made tasty latte at home and the more fun/challenging part is to experiment latte art... The more you learn about the brewing process the more you appreciate a good sweet espresso with crema.


I would like to visit Espresso Vivace in Seattle and taste their famous rosetta latte, who knows maybe in our next trip to US I can personaly meet David and Geneva :)

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