Wednesday, September 14, 2011


miu miu brought back the glitter into fashion scene this fall and even with some kind of weird, strange shoes A lot of people hate those shoes while some really like (me? of course I do like them :P )In fact several other brands put glitter shoes into their fall collections as well.

This summer I have met these t-strap beauties in NYC during sale in Steve Madden. I like the color, the shape and yes all that glitter. I was not sure how to wear them but could not resist buying . So here they are with me. I have worn them with jeans but would like to try them with some greyish wool socks and skirt in cold weather.

And last but not least my all time favorite Carrie, in her gold glittery Louboutins :)


pelin said...

this is sooo my daughter :) anything sparkly, she would love to have ;) I looooove yours btw!

Esra said...

gri yün çoraplarla fotografını bizden eksik etme..çok cici bir ayakkabı bu arada..

Burçay said...

Bu eğri topuklar beni benden aldı, hele ki kocaman pembe yandan fiyonklusu :)