Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I don't have an IPhone but since I have been seeing instagram posts here and there and especially by my dearest theverythirstyraindrop I seized MTs phone and started using Instagram (now I understood what Pelin meant :P )

Anyway here is an instagram diary of last Saturday. We have been to Mudo Concept in Panora, one of our favorite places in Ankara, especially if its cold outside. We have first enjoyed it's cafe which has average food but beautiful interior and then spent some time seeing the design objects and furniture. Our day in Panora ended with a waffle -as usual- after seeing the Star wars in 3D (Although I am a huge fan of George Lucas and watched the series several times, I didn't like the 3D thing, maybe the original scenes were such amazingly produced that it doesn't need a 3D effect to impress more :P )

Notes: Love the neon vases, seems like neon will be everywhere next season... And the colorful patchwork sofa, in my dreams for a long time, should start considering buying one :) Wore my new mint H&M sweater, perfect for this weather. And MTs white watch, crazy but he likes watches so much, different colors, different shapes, funky, classical, nautical.


pelin said...

Fistikim cok guzel gecmis anlasilan haftasonunuz. Sofa'ya ben de bayildim gercekten. MT'nin saatine de ayri. Gule gule kullansin. Eeee bu arada instagram adiniz ne? Aradim bulamadim :| muckkksss

Maf said...

Soo pretty!

Fashionista said...

Thanks Maf :) just checked your blog and it looks so colorful and fun too... And got jealous about your city ;) ♥ Lisboa, what a beautiful city it is, thinking of visiting again since our beautiful trip in 2009.

Maf said...

It will be a pleasure to have you here In Lisbon!
Big Kiss