Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have been to Bozcaada/Tenedos during the bayram holiday with my husband and father in law.

Bozcaada is famous for it's wineyards, crystal clear and chilly water and the lovely city center where you can find nice cafes and boutique hotels. It is about 6 kms far from the mainland and you can reach there by ferry which makes a round trip every two hours between the island and the mainland. For more information about the timetable visit GESTAŞ.

Bozcaadas's history is dating back to 8th century, as it is known to be an established sanctuary of Apollo. According to Greek mythology, the name "Tenedos" is derived from the eponymous hero Tenes, who ruled the island at the time of the Trojan War and was killed by Achilles (ref:wiki). And after 15th Century the island was ruled by the Ottoman Empire being an important supply base for the Navy.

We are planning to go there again in July or August for a couple of days with our friends to enjoy the sea, the food and the wine.

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daphne said...

looks great. we have to see bozcaada soon :)