Sunday, September 27, 2009


I am in a rock mood these days... Maybe it is because I grew up listening them, had their posters all across my walls; I have to feed the inner rock child periodically, feed her with Kurt, Axl, Eddie, Richie, Chris and many others.

jak&jil : models outside the matthew williamson show

We have been seeing the rock chic all around last few years, having its best times nowadays. Studs, chains, leathers, vintage rock t-shirts... I like this rock chic attitude. The though girls of the fashion industry have been sporting it very well accompanying the outfits with the rockest attitude just as the senior style editor of ELLE US (Kate Lanphear) does.

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esra said...

kesinlikle çok tuttuğum bir tarz benim de..
Ayrıca audioslave'in "taş gibi" adlı parçası da ayrı yakışmış:)