Monday, June 14, 2010


We spent the weekend in Alaçatı. It has become our favorite summer destination and since 3 years we have been opening the season there.

During the day we did (at least I tried to do) windsurf, and spent the night at Kemalpaşa street as always.

I love blue and white streets, I love the stone houses (not many old ones left, but the newly built ones are nice as well) and I love hanging around in Alaçatı at night feeling the breeze on my suntan while having a nice dinner :) Yes I could not get out of the mood yet, I need a couple of days...

Here are a few pics I took.

our hotel

the breakfast garden of our hotel & Lavanta Pizzeria, Love the flower print cushions

Alaçatı Surf Action & Kemalpaşa Street

Kırmızı Ardıç Kuşu & Lavanta

And at night Christine Centenera's this look was my muse... Mine is a striped short with a nude cardigan, while hers is a checked skirt... Loved her shoes as well, but difficult to find something similar...

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Esra said...

pek hoşsunuz Özlem hanım, komple bayıldım, hele vintage çantaya ayrı...