Thursday, June 10, 2010


This Monday I have attended Harvey Nichols Opening in Ankara with one of my favorite shopping friends Pınar (she sure knows how to spend :P ). Well I was not expecting something colorful as everything in Ankara is usually grayscale :) But thanks to few people coming from Istanbul, the opening got a little bit more interesting for me.

Versace & Herve Leger

Camilla Skovgaard

And, last but not least, Sertap Erener sang a few songs accompanied by a piano. This can be counted as the most beautiful part of the opening for me.

I had a chance to visit the store a few days before the opening and seen and tried several things.
Well, most of them are quite expensive, but it is still a good opportunity to be able to see and try clothes and shoes that you have seen and liked in blogs. And yes there is something called SALE, maybe I can find something during sale :)

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