Sunday, December 11, 2011


This Saturday we took advantage of the sunny sky (cold though!) and enjoyed ourselves on a day out at Tunalı (our favorite place in Ankara).

We had a morning coffee at DNR Gloria Jeans. On a warm day I really like sitting outside at the front yard and enjoy my coffee while people-watching. We did some window shopping and then headed to Karum Shopping Mall... Karum has a special place in our life.Although it has suffered from bad times, we are glad to see it sparkly and shinny ready for the new years shopping. There are lots of different boutiques for every taste especially for evening dresses.

We then meet one our friends for a drink. It was about 18:00 and we were soo hungry and decided to see Apinya Thai which is one of the latest additions to Ankara dining scene. Apinya is a Thai and Japanese restaurant which has a stylish all white interior with a twist of Asian elements. The food tastes great especially the Pad Thai. If you are in Ankara and have a crush on Asian food, you should give it a try.

We decided to have our desert outside while walking and visited Macarons D'Antoinette which is just around the corner. Isn't this a lovely place :)

So ended our day outside, but the night was a head of us as we had our friends coming to us for late night drink :)


Esra said...

Özlemişim be Ankarayı, içim cız etti...

pelin said...

Fistikim yaaa ben de "Karum bizim icin ozel" kisminda cok duygulandim :| Ne guzel olmussun yine. Bu arada herzaman soyledigim gibi Ankara'nin ic mekanlari tum sehirlerdekilere bin basiyor!

Fashionista said...

@Esra: Daha sık gel de birinde de buluşalım Tunalıda en azından birşeyler içmek için :) @Pelinim: Özel olmaz mı ;P ilk göz ağrımızdı orası, değil mi? Keşke Bulutla fırsatınız olsa da yazın 2 günlüğüne de olsa gelseniz bize... Herşeye rağmen arada benim de gözüme güzel görünüyor Ankara :D