Thursday, May 24, 2012


So it became like a tradition for me and MT to open the summer season in Alaçatı within May. No need to mention how much we love Alaçatı :) and want it to protect its texture, locals and history which seems to be a bit challenge for everyone.

Anyway we had a great weekend that starts with a beautiful breakfast in our hotel Kurabiye, been to surf beach, had some suntan and wandered around the narrow streets which are full of handcraft and antique stores, So much fun...

Our new discovery is the restaurant Asmayaprağı which is run by the owner of famous Alaçat Kırevi. You will love the interior, she spent so much time collecting all those enamel utensils (she even had a small store where she sells some of them), and the food is tasty, lots of vegetables and herbs cooked in Aegean style, menu depends on what she found in the market that week.

I know we will meet again quiet soon ;)