Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I really like how 3.1 Philip Lim styled the XXL Denim vest in his SS2012 show. The over-sized vest with the tiny belt looks so stylish. I have been looking for something similar and even considering to DIY one from MTs chunky jean jacket from 80s (could not convince him though), the search is ongoing.

While thinking of making a post about this vest, today I saw MR combining it beautifully with different outfits and accessories :) Is she becoming less man repelling or am I getting used to her style :P

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pelin said...

Ah ah I, too, have been looking for a similar one. Been to so many vintage stores for this ;) and about MR, this vest is at the peak of manrepelling concept :D the one who has been changing is in fact YOU! ;)